At Blue Dolphin Natural Water Systems we love to share our expertise!  Whether you are local or global we can offer assistance in designing, upgrading or converting your home or pool system that suits your lifestyle!  We offer design consultations for anyone who is interested in improving the quality and accessibility of their water system for their entire residence. Most importantly, we can accommodate ALL types of pools (chlorine, salt water, non-chlorine mineral) across a variety of budgets that work right for you!  We have very simple solutions for those that want a quick fix for their pool or solutions that require minimal maintenance and are better for the health and safety of your family.  Rest assured we will guide you on your options and instruct you on installation to complete your building and/or conversion needs which can be done by your local pool contractor/maintenance team.  For those clients that purchase the system and/or installation thru us your consultation fee will be waived upon purchase!  Consultation(s) can be done via in person, phone or skype depending on your location so please call us to schedule an appointment.


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“I consulted with Blue Dolphin when I was building a new pool.  I had no clue what I was doing and my builder was throwing all types of features my way!  Feeling very overwhelmed and unsure on decisions as the cost of building a pool is very high, I ended up calling Blue Dolphin to consult with Michael. He informed me that lots of the line items that the builder was selling me were not the best decisions to make for my region/climate.  Michael guided me on the exact systems and accessories, within my budget so I can build the pool I needed but most importantly enjoy to avoid future headaches.  Even though I paid for a small consultation it saved me lots of money on features I didn’t need and future problems with my pool. I am confident with the final decisions I made for the build. Thanks to him my family is happy and enjoying our pool.”

Josh V.

Homeowner, Larchmont, New York

“I had a traumatic experience when all 11 coy fish died and were floating upside down in my pond.  It dawned on me that the day before I had added shock to my pool and it was windy. I remember because as the wind kicked up the shock became airborne and I inhaled it resulting in a crazy coughing frenzy! I can only assume when throwing the chemicals into the pool the residuals ended up in the coy pond and I killed my beautiful big coy fish.  Once I realized this my wife and I were immediately discouraged from chlorine use and couldn’t believe our beloved fish of 15 years died from 1 dose of shock.  It’s obviously poison and if our coy fish died what was it doing to us and our kids especially!? We immediately did not ever want to use chlorine again. I didn’t want to touch it, handle it, breath it.  Our current pool company wasn’t helpful when we asked about other options.  They had no answer other then a salt which still chlorine. That’s when I called Blue Dolphin for help.  We did a quick consult and was given all the information.  Since we purchased the system and installation thru them the consult was free and we are happy as can be!  Although we are very saddened about our coy fish pond, we love our non-chlorine pool and we have since re-stocked our coy pond and look forward to their longevity.  Live and learn!  PS: Now that we went thru this experience we are aware of the dangers of chlorine. We want our drinking water as healthy as possible and are purchasing a whole house filtration system thru Blue Dolphin.”

Jesse F.

Homeowner, Manalapan, New Jersey

“I initially spoke with my current pool company about a Salt Water pool conversion because I didn’t want expose my family to harsh chemicals of chlorine. Our skin was dry, eyes irritated and the smell was very unpleasant. They immediately gave us a price and confirmed this was our best option. Out of my excitement I researched salt water pools online but to my dismay I quickly learned that salt water pools are still chlorinated. I wanted a healthier option and thankfully came across Blue Dolphin’s website. We did a phone consultation where I was educated about non-chlorine systems.  After the consult we decided on a natural non-toxic mineral system, ECOsmarte. To our pleasant surprise, the consultation fee was waived since we purchased and installed the system thru Blue Dolphin!  Not only were we happy with the conversion but we discovered they are a full service pool company so we now use them for openings, closings, weekly maintenance and everything in between!  I will never use anyone else again!  We are so thankful and confident in their expertise! Cheers to a life of health, happiness and prosperity!”

Gwen B.

Homeowner, Colts Neck, New Jersey

“We consulted with Blue Dolphin on the chemistry of our water.  I am a do-it-yourself type of guy, a handyman, jack of all trades.  I always cleaned my own pool but the chemical smell was always out of control, kids hair and swimsuits bleached, my vinyl liner was fading even though it was only a couple of years old.  I thought I was doing everything right since my pool was always clear and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.  Little did I know I was over chlorinating my pool, causing harm to my children and damaging my pool. I consulted with Blue Dolphin on the chemicals of my pool and boy did I learn a lot.  He taught me the basics and gave me a full understanding of what I was doing wrong; I was not testing my water multiple times a week and pool became over chemically laden.  I was so thankful for the initial help and the new education that about a month later I ended up purchasing a Nature2 system thru Blue Dolphin and use non-chlorine oxygen shock weekly.  My pool is awesome and I easily and effortlessly care for my pool thanks to Blue Dolphin’s help!”

Paul O.

Homeowner, Livingston, New Jersey

“We have been using Blue Dolphin service for a few years as they were recommended by the previous homeowners. One of my children was born healthy but developed health issues after vaccinations.  Needless to say, we don’t put our health into the hands of mainstream and we changed our lifestyle by going organic.  It’s been a big learning process for us. With that said, we were very concerned about the health risks of swimming in a chlorinated pool.  There is so much we don’t know and so much hidden information.  We decided to consult with Blue Dolphin on our options to provide our family with the best swimming conditions.  We did not know what that meant but we first thought, “salt water” like everyone else.  Blue Dolphin educated us about our options and the obvious choice for us was to convert our pool to one of the non-chlorinated systems (which salt water is not!).  Due to our consultation (which was free since we hired them to do the job) and the care Blue Dolphin has for a healthy lifestyle, we are now swimming in a pool with no toxic chemicals, no health hazards, no offensive chemical odors, damage to our health and environment.  Without consulting Blue Dolphin we would have possibly made the wrong decision.  Now my family is on its way to healing.  Why wait for something to happen?  Take preventative measures, get informed and consult with Blue Dolphin.  We are happy we did!

Jaclyn R.

Homeowner, Marlboro, New Jersey

“We consulted with Blue Dolphin on the safety of our pool because we witnessed our toddler being drawn to a toy floating in the pool.  We were recommended a safety fence during the summer and a safety fence during the winter.  We took Blue Dolphin’s advice and purchased both, happy we did because our child would have ended up in the pool!  We learned the #1 cause of drowning is toys in the pool.  We were thrilled with their knowledge and to our surprise we now have a full service company that takes care of our needs all summer long.  We didn’t know that it would develop into a relationship and happy it did.  Our pool is safe and clean all season long! Can’t wait for next summer!”

Philip T.

Homeowner, Spring Lake, New Jersey