Blue Dolphin’s “Point-of-Entry” product line creates a new standard in water quality for your entire home or business – including drinking water and showers. It does this without water softeners, chemical feeders, filters for iron, odor or taste, or any other treatment methods. It treats all of your water, hot and cold, indoor and outdoor with no consumables and minimal maintenance for at least five years, providing bacterial protection that no water softener can deliver.

The Point-of-Entry systems create charged particles, called “ions,” through a process that is recognized by the U.S. EPA for providing numerous microbial benefits. Mineral ions are safe and essential for humans, plants and animals, but are lethal to bacteria, algae and some viruses. The mineral ions stop bacteria and algae from colonizing your plumbing when water is not in use. This method creates premium water quality and eliminates odors, tastes, coloration, and staining while preserving the copper, calcium and magnesium that are vital to your health. Unlike some water treatment systems, the ECOsmarte system is not limited in the amount of water it can treat.

This process also protects your plumbing and fixtures, by electrically charging the minerals and preventing them from forming hard scale. The system will even dissolve any existing scale in your pipes, water heater, and other appliances, eliminating the greatest cause of plumbing equipment and appliance failure.

Proudly offering systems nationwide.  We ship our products nationwide and can do installations for those clients that are in the NJ, NY, CT, PA area. 

You know the saying, “you are what you eat”.  Improve your water and improve your life!  To educate our customers we created pages for you to read Truth About Bottled Water and Truth About Tap Water.

See what some of our happy customers are saying about us and their systems!

“I was doing research online because I was unhappy with the filter that attached to my faucet; initially it was more about taste of the water and aesthetics as the piece was an eye soar on my new faucet. To my surprise I learned that these filters only remove particulates such dirt, sediments, metals.  They do not remove toxins as chlorine, fluoride or hormones. What!? How did I not know this! I was grossed out and shocked at what I was putting into my body. And here I thought I was doing “good” because I had already went organic and learned about the dangers of pesticides and GMOs.  What is the point of taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back so I pulled the trigger and purchased the system and installation through Blue Dolphin.  I am so happy because now I have water that is spring quality out of my faucet!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Eileen W.

Homeowner, Holmdel, New Jersey

“I’ve had my whole house filtration system for about 3 years now.  I can’t imagine life without it.  It has made my life simpler, easier and I know my family is drinking the next best thing to spring water without the harmful chemicals and impurities found in both our bottle and tap water.  My kids and cats love drinking right out of the faucets!  I personally love knowing that I’m cooking with it. I use the water out of my sink now for for coffee, tea, pasta, rice, you name it!  We are a health conscious family and I feel like I made a great decision for the well-being of my family.  I personally exercise but then I would hydrate my body with questionable water whether it was the water itself or bottle I was drinking from!  I don’t know why more people aren’t doing it.  The cost of our system was the cost that we spent on 1 years worth of water for a family of 4.  We basically are living with pure FREE water like nature intended.  This was the obvious choice for our family!  I’m so grateful that Blue Dolphin offered this because I did not know that house systems were possible or out on the market.”

Charlotte Q.

Homeowner, Westfield, New Jersey

“My passion and career revolve around living an all-natural lifestyle as my wife and I own a yoga center. So getting a whole house filtration system was a no brainer for my family.  We heard about Blue Dolphin from some of our friends who was using their pool service.  We checked them out online and loved their companies mission as well as their products and offerings.  We knew we wanted a system like this so we probably were an easy sell.  Anyway, we have the system and love love love it!  We can cook, drink, bathe and anything we want with our pure water.  Never do I have to worry again what I am giving to my family.   Blue Dolphin was very easy and professional to work with!”

Bob M.

Homeowner, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

“I purchased a whole house filtration system thru Blue Dolphin last year.  Great decision because its saving me money and I’m getting better drinking water for my family.  I probably love the convenience and access to the pure water the most.  The extra benefits are being able to cook with it and reducing the stress and longevity of my appliances.  They don’t make quality appliances like they used to so its nice to know that this helps saves on wear and tear.  There isn’t much to be said except my family loves it and I’m happy I bought it.  It works seamless into our life; our water and what we do with it is never a concern. My kids even play in the yard with the hose and I don’t have to worry about them drinking the water!  Anyway, thank you Blue Dolphin as we appreciate your contribution to the health of our family.”

Daniel E.

Homeowner, Phoenix, Arizona

“I spent the last 6 years using a very popular home delivery water service for both my drinking and cooking water.  It was OK but I was not happy that the water came in plastic jugs even with the BPA free label as I was aware of the health risks. I immediately started looking for alternatives to bring purest water into my household and that’s when I found Blue Dolphin.  I was sold when I learned I can have pure water out of all my faucets.  No longer to I have to question what I’m giving my family and worry something else will come up in the media.  Blue Dolphin installed my filtration system and the water is clean, safe and great tasting!  It’s an upfront cost but the benefits were quickly returned thru cost, quality and convenience. I don’t spend money on water anymore and the best part is I never have to question quality again!  Thank you Blue Dolphin! My family loves the system!”

Stephanie K.

Homeowner, Deal, New Jersey

“My wife and I purchased a whole house system and we are loving it! No longer do we have to look at that ugly dispenser in our kitchen!  The cost we spent on approx 1-1.5 years on water delivery service was the same as the system, just upfront.  It pays for itself. I think it did more for my sanity then anything else!  When I learned about plastic, hormones, medications and stuff I was honestly gross out and freaked out!  I’m learning how deceptive corporations are and tired of giving my money away to them.  With every little choice we take our freedom back and today I feel confident, safe and secure in the quality of water I drink.  The best part is the water taste crisp, its damn good!  I don’t miss the chlorine smell from the sink.  Blue Dolphin rocks and I’m happy they have brought this to my attention.  I was using them for my pool service and they left me a flyer!  Thanks guys!  Happy customer for life!”

Ben D.

Homeowner, Monmouth Beach, New Jersey

At home water uses 

If drinking, cooking, and bathing in the cleanest water on the planet, without chemicals, hormones, pesticides and hardness appeals to you, then maybe you are a candidate for our eco-friendly whole house filtration system.  Contact us today to learn how we can improve your life through water!  IF you have not done so already please read the Truth About Tap Water and the Truth About Bottled Water.  Don’t forget your average filtered water does not filter out chlorine, flouride and other hormones, pharmaceuticals and metals.


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We are here to answer all of your questions regarding our natural water systems.  Please give us a call.


ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry systems dramatically improve the quality of water by filtering out 99.5% of the chlorine, ammonia and other chemicals that may be added to the water by municipal water companies to sanitize the water.  Once the water is stripped of these chemicals the water remains sanitized.  The ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry system not only provides bottled water quality throughout your home, hot and cold, inside and out, it also increases the life of your appliances, including your hot water heater, dishwasher, coffee and ice makers, and more.


The ECOsmarte well water system has no equal in point-of-entry water treatment technology.  Multiple mineral and chemical problems are addressed across wide ph and flow rate parameters.  No salt, chemical regeneration, ph modification or in-line flow restriction is required to deliver premium quality safe water, indoor and outdoor, treated at point-of-entry.  Low level ionization residuals remain in plumbing lines for residual protection against bacteria and scale.  With technology first developed by NASA, on three week Apollo Lunar missions, ECOsmarte systems are beyond question, tried and true.  The Well Water system is equipped with a million gallon rated activated carbon hydroxite filter tank, with automatic timed backwash valves, dual ionization and oxygen electrodes and a 3-year full warranty with a 5-year available.  Your EPA/ETL lab results will determine whether you need a two or three tank system.