Blue Dolphin Pool Service has been providing exceptional service, consulting, maintenance, repairs, products and supplies to ALL types of pools in the central New Jersey area since 1982.  “All” meaning both chemically treated pools (such as chlorine and salt water) and non-chlorine mineral pools (copper/oxygen).  Not only are we here to keep your pool looking great, running smoothly, safe and healthy for the enjoyment of your entire family for years to come but we can also help you convert your pool to a natural non-chlorine system that suits your lifestyle and budget.  “Happy Summers Start with Healthy Pools”™ so call to schedule your pool service today!

“I have been a happy and loyal Blue Dolphin customer for about 10 years.  They have been consistent, reliable and affordable in comparison to other pool service companies in the area as I’ve had my pool for over 12 years.  When I first built my pool I thought I can use any company and they would all be the same.  I was a “deal” shopper but I quickly learned you get what you pay in this industry! I was left with headaches when other companies sent over inexperienced staff.  The end result was dissappointment and aggravation in my service and repairs.  Unlike these other companies, Blue Dolphin uses trained technicians and cares about the quality and retainment of their clients.  I’ve met the owner Michael and he is a really good guy who cares about people, their health, safety and satisfaction.  I am a proud client and would never use anyone else.  Thanks Blue Dolphin for all the great years in providing me with exceptional service!”

Marc G.

Homeowner, Holmdel, New Jersey

“In 2014 we built a pool and I tried to maintain it myself.  It was always turning green and if it wasn’t green it had a strong chemical smell and caused our eyes to burn.  To spare you my story lets say I am no chemist and could not get the levels right to save my life. Having done the last few years by myself, I decided to call Blue Dolphin to do my initial pool opening and cleaning.  Best call I ever made as my pool was left perfectly balanced and spotless when they left.  My stubborn self thought I could maintain the pool after the initial cleaning but I was sadly mistaken.  More headaches and imbalances so I surrendered and scheduled my weekly service.  I am a much better father for doing so because now I can enjoy my pool, my family and my summer.  Thanks to Blue Dolphin my children have a clean and healthy pool to swim in everyday and I have my fun back!  Worry-free…priceless!”

Ryan H.

Homeowner, Millstone, New Jersey

“For years I was having the same issue with my pool.  I called various pool companies in the local area and they all said that I needed to replace the entire system that would cost thousands of dollars.  Blue Dolphin came and my problem was resolved in one visit. All the companies assumed the issue was something else and overlooked the simple fix of a valve that was right in their face; or what should have been the first step in determining the problem.  Thanks to Blue Dolphin’s acute expertise and service I saved money and my pool is working great again.  If you want professional service and a job well done, save yourself time and money by calling them first!”

Aaron C.

Homeowner, Manalapan, New Jersey

“Blue Dolphin was recommended by the previous homeowners.  We never owned a pool before and my husband and I were a little worried on what it involved!  The last homeowners said they used many local companies and Blue Dolphin was by far the best in the area!  I didn’t want to re-invent the wheel so we gave them a shot considering the pool (from what we see) was in perfect condition.  We have been faithfully using Blue Dolphin for all our pool needs for the last 3 years and to say I am happy is an understatement!  We are thrilled with Blue Dolphin and my pool is always pristine!  We also recently upgraded our pool to an ECO-smarte system since we have young children, 1 with medical issues so our concern was the additional health risks from chlorine exposure.  When requested, Blue Dolphin provided us with mindful information on our options so we can make the best decision for our family!  We are so happy with the conversion and grateful that our children do not have to swim in harmful chemicals.  Thank you Blue Dolphin for your knowledge and efforts and helping us in maintain healthy natural living for years to come!”

Anna J.

Homeowner, Rumson, New Jersey

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