Blue Dolphin is a leader in providing non-chlorine mineral systems to our clients for nearly 15 years partnering with environmentally conscious brands and suppliers.  We offer the best alternatives to chlorine and salt water pools and our products are easier to use, safer, and more effective.  Although we offer traditional methods, such as chlorine and salt systems, due to demand, they are highly corrosive and damaging to the pool while also harming your health as a carcinogen.  For more information please refer to the Truth About Chlorine.

While chlorine remains to be the most common and popular form of pool sanitation, it is old school technology!  There are newer non-toxic, eco-friendly alternative methods.  What the other pool companies won’t tell you…”there is no reason to subject yourself to poisonous chemicals anymore!”

The ECOsmarte pool system is the best alternative to chlorine and salt water pools.  Our natural oxygen technology is the 100% chlorine-free alternative for swimming pools/spas and the best way to have safe and healthy water without the toxic chemicals.  Our products are easier to use, safer, and more effective than traditional chlorine or salt water methods.  The ECOsmarte fresh water pool offers you every benefit found with a salt water pool with none of the negatives.  Per ECOsmarte, “What began as a product for chemically sensitive, cancer aware or environmentally conscious consumers in 1994, has evolved to a proven product with installations in all 50 U.S. States and over 100 Countries.  Salt water chlorine generators have created a demand by consumers to stop handling chemicals and ECOsmarte delivers an affordable device that actually takes the swimmer out of the high amperage, acid and salt.”


The ECOsmarte system creates two sanitizing agents, copper ionization and liquid oxidation. As water flows from your pump back to your pool it travels through the ECOsmarte ionization/oxidation chamber. While in the chamber, the water will either receive copper ions or become oxygenated depending on the setting of the switch on the controller.

Both the ionization and the oxidation sanitizes your pool water, killing bacteria, algae, and viruses. It is simply the best chemical-free method to sanitize your pool water.

Natural, Non-Chemical Oxidation

ECOsmarte’s proprietary non-chemical method of oxidation is what separates it from other chemical reducing water purification systems on the market. Oxidation is achieved by water passing through the chamber while low voltage electrical current is sent to the coated titanium plates in the chamber. While in the oxidation mode, a proprietary process of electrolysis causes the electro-physical separation of water into oxygen and hydrogen. This separation forms free oxygen atoms and hydroxyl radicals (OH). This proprietary process creates a combination of the most powerful oxidizers available for water disinfection.

These oxidizers, the oxygen atoms and hydroxyl ions, are responsible for eliminating body oils, sun tan lotions and as well as the dead organic matter (that was killed by the copper ions). The ECOsmarte system produces oxidizers, measured in grams per minute, at a level that is not available with ozone generating systems. Additionally, each ECOsmarte oxidizer is more powerful than sodium hypochlorite, the dominant form of chlorine.  The combination of copper ionization and non-chemical oxidation produce pure, clear, clean water not available with other water sanitizing systems.

Q: Why is the ECOsmarte System Environmentally Friendly?
A: ECOsmarte Systems eliminate chemical backwash, require much less energy than other pool systems, and require less consumables such as replacement cartridges and chemicals. They also do not use unnatural pollutants like chlorine or salt to sanitize the pool water.

Q:What is Chemical Backwash and Why is it Harmful?

A: Most pool systems require periodic filter backwashes. This is done by pumping pool water through the filter to remove sediment and buildup and draining it into a sewer line or yard. Unfortunately, the drainage often contains hazardous chemicals like chlorine that can pollute creeks, rivers, ponds, and ground water. This can harm wildlife and ecosystems.

Q:How Much Energy Does an Ecosmarte System Use?
A:Our systems require only very low amounts of electrical energy- less than $2 per month.

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Nature2 is an eco-friendly mineral sanitizer that delivers sparkling clean pool and spa water that is pure, fresh, and gently soothing.  Nature2 is proven to destroy bacteria and control algae without any of the harsh effects of traditional chemicals, so you get the purest, cleanest swimming experience possible without the hassle.  It’s sold as a low chlorine mineral system, however, we instruct our customers AND highly recommend the weekly use of non-chlorine oxygen shock (MPS – monopersulfate) in conjunction with the Nature2 system, to avoid using chlorine at all.

“We have been using Blue Dolphin’s service for a few years as they were recommended by the previous homeowners. One of my children was born healthy but developed health issues after vaccinations.  Needless to say, we don’t put our health into the hands of mainstream and we changed our lifestyle by going organic.  It’s been a big learning process for us. With that said, we were very concerned about the health risks of swimming in a chlorinated pool.  There is so much we don’t know and so much hidden information.  We decided to consult with Blue Dolphin on our options to provide our family with the best swimming conditions.  We did not know what that meant but we first thought, “salt water” like everyone else.  Blue Dolphin educated us about our options and the obvious choice for us was to convert our pool to one of the non-chlorinated systems (which salt water is not!).  Due to our consultation and the care Blue Dolphin has for a healthy lifestyle, we are now swimming in a pool with no toxic chemicals, no health hazards, no offensive chemical odors, no damage to our health and environment.  Without consulting Blue Dolphin we would have possibly made the wrong decision.  Now my family is on its way to healing.  Why wait for something to happen?  Take preventative measures, get informed and consult with Blue Dolphin.  We are happy we did!

Jaclyn R.

Homeowner, Marlboro, New Jersey

“I initially spoke with my current pool company about a Salt Water pool conversion because I didn’t want to expose my family to harsh chemicals like chlorine. Our skin was dry, eyes irritated and the smell was very unpleasant. They immediately gave us a price and confirmed this was our best option. Out of my excitement I researched salt water pools online but to my dismay I quickly learned that salt water pools are still chlorinated. I wanted a healthier option and thankfully came across Blue Dolphin’s website. We did a phone consultation where I was educated about non-chlorine systems.  After the consult we decided on a natural non-toxic mineral system, ECOsmarte. To our pleasant surprise, the consultation fee was waived since we purchased and installed the system with Blue Dolphin!  Not only were we happy with the conversion but we discovered they are a full service pool company so we now use them for openings, closings, weekly maintenance and everything in between!  I will never use anyone else again!  We are so thankful and confident in their expertise! Cheers to a life of health, happiness and prosperity!”

Gwen B.

Homeowner, Colts Neck, New Jersey

“I had a traumatic experience when all 11 of my Koi fish died and were floating upside down in my pond.  It dawned on me that the day before I had added chlorine shock to my pool and it was windy. I remember because as the wind kicked up the shock became airborne and I inhaled it resulting in a crazy coughing frenzy! I can only assume when throwing the chemicals into the pool the residuals ended up in the Koi pond and I killed my beautiful big Koi fish.  Once I realized this my wife and I were immediately discouraged from chlorine use and couldn’t believe our beloved fish of 15 years died from 1 dose of chlorine shock.  It’s obviously poison and if our Koi fish died what was it doing to us and our kids especially!? We immediately did not ever want to use chlorine again. I didn’t want to touch it, handle it, breath it.  Our current pool company wasn’t helpful when we asked about other options.  They had no answer other then a salt system, which is still chlorine. That’s when I called Blue Dolphin for help.  We did a quick consult and was given all the information.  Since we purchased the system and installation through them the consult was free and we are happy as can be!  Although we are very saddened about our Koi fish pond, we love our non-chlorine pool and we have since re-stocked our Koi pond and look forward to their longevity.  Live and learn!  PS: Now that we went through this experience we are aware of the dangers of chlorine. We want our drinking water as healthy as possible and are purchasing a whole house filtration system from Blue Dolphin.”

Jesse F.

Homeowner, Manalapan, New Jersey