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Welcome to Blue Dolphin

Blue Dolphin is a leader in providing you with systems and service for your drinking, cooking, bathing, swimming water needs and more!  We take a wholistic approach in all of your water needs to bring health, wellness and simplicity to your everyday life!  Let Blue Dolphin care for your water and never worry about the quality again!  We are here to provide you with new ways to improve your life through water to ensure your safety and longevity one dip or sip at a time!


Blue Dolphin is a leader in providing non-chlorine mineral systems to our clients for nearly 15 years partnering with environmentally conscious brands and suppliers.  We offer the best alternatives to chlorine and salt water pools and our products are easier to use, safer, and more effective.  Although we offer traditional methods, such as chlorine and salt systems, due to demand, they are highly corrosive and damaging to the pool while also harming your health as a carcinogen.  For more information please refer to the Truth About Chlorine.

Our mineral systems and natural oxygen technology are the chlorine-free alternatives for swimming pools/spas and best way to have safe and healthy water without toxic chemicals.  Copper/Oxygen pools offer you every benefit found with a salt water pool with none of the negatives.  “What began as a product for chemically sensitive, cancer aware or environmentally conscious consumers in 1994, has evolved to a proven product with installations in all 50 U.S. States and over 100 Countries.” (ECOsmarte.com)

Ask us how we can improve, convert or maintain the quality of your pool water through our natural systems.



Is your bottled water safe?  Studies have shown bottled water can contain phthalates, mold, microbes, benzene, trihalmomethanes, arsenic, coliform, carcinogens, chlorine and fluoride!  If what’s in the bottle is questionable, let’s ask about the bottle itself.  We know plastic isn’t good for the environment but it’s not good for you to drink from either!  BPA-free bottles still contain toxic compounds and synthetic hormones so don’t let the label fool you.  Bottled water companies increasingly use BPA-free plastic but laced into the plastic bottles are “other” harmful chemicals, that replaced the BPA, that can seep out, especially when exposed to heat or sunlight. Corporations don’t spend the money testing for these compounds nor do they have to!  Under US Law, chemicals are safe until proven otherwise.

Just as harmful is our city tap water.  The same water you flush down the toilet is recycled, cleaned, sanitized and returned to you through your faucets, shower heads, etc.  Tap water is loaded with chlorine and fluoride.  Also, your local municipality is not filtering out chemicals from birth control pills, hormones, steroids, antibiotics, and all kinds of medicines and substances that make it down the drains.  We are basically polluting the environment, throwing our money away, making corporations richer, while poisoning ourselves in the process.

It’s time to re-think what you drink!  Let’s not be human test subjects anymore!  Allow us to install a whole house system for your family to ensure that you have high quality, pure water.



We interact with water in many ways in our home whether we bathe, brush our teeth, drink, cook, make a pot of coffee, take our medications, water our lawn/garden and so forth.  Why not get the best quality water and ensure the safety and well being of your entire family.  Many people eat organic foods but are still consuming harmful pollutants in their water while also contributing to the pollution of our environment destroying lands and wildlife through the use of plastic.  Make your life simpler, keeping your planet and wallet green by installing a whole house filtration system.  No longer do you have to buy cases and cases of bottled water or get home delivery of plastic jugs.  Start having confidence in your water today!  Think natural, think pure and trust in Blue Dolphin.



Blue Dolphin Pool Service has been providing exceptional service, consulting, maintenance, repairs, products and supplies to ALL types of pools in the central New Jersey area since 1982.  “All” meaning both chemically treated pools (such as chlorine and salt water) and non-chlorine mineral pools (copper/oxygen).  Not only are we here to keep your pool looking great, running smoothly, safe and healthy for the enjoyment of your entire family for years to come but we can also help you convert your pool to a natural non-chlorine system that suits your lifestyle and budget.  “Happy Summers Start with Healthy Pools”™ so call to schedule your pool service today!


Meeting the water needs of your family

Clean, enhance, purify your water one sip or dip at a time!  Improve your water and improve your life!